A Simple Bitcoin Trading Guide for Beginners

Have you decide to try your hand at Bitcoin trading? If so, there are some things that you will need to know before you can start trading. Trading is quite different from investing because when you invest you buy the coins and hold onto these for a long term. Traders, however, will focus on buying and selling Bitcoins for a short-term. They view the Bitcoin as a tool for earning more profits but they often do not know the technology behind the asset that they trade in. This is why a guide on Bitcoin trading is a must for beginners.

What You Should Know About Bitcoin Trading Before Starting Out:

  • To start with, the Bitcoin is highly volatile and you will be able to make money if you can anticipate the price movements accurately. Moreover, the crypto market stays open 24×7 and this allows you to buy or sell the Bitcoin at any time which suits you. Since the coin is unregulated you can start trading without having to go through a lengthy and cumbersome ID verification procedure. When you choose automated bitcoin trading bots like bitcoin loophole, the trade is carried out by the bots autonomously saving your time and effort. Have a look at Bitcoin loophole homepage for information about the software.
  • Traders must learn about the different trading methods to earn Bitcoins. Day trading, for instance, will involve executing multiple trades during the day, focusing on profit-making from short-term price swings. Scalping, on the other hand, involves profit-making on minor price changes. This strategy is based upon the belief that smaller profits can minimize risks and assure profits. Swing trading seeks to exploit natural price swings; so traders will identify the start of a trend, enter it, and hold onto their assets until the trend is over.
  • Trade analysis methods can be fundamental or technical. While no one can accurately predict the direction in which the Bitcoin price will move, he can identify specific trade patterns and methods. Losses are expected along the way but the trader should be able to assure a positive balance in the end. While fundamental analysis predicts the prices by considering the big picture, technical analysis focuses on studying the market statistics like trade volumes and past prices. Technical analysis will not look at what is happening around you at the moment as fundamental analysis will; it will allow price movements to dictate its evaluation.
  • Before you start trading Bitcoins you must know the connotation of terms like brokers, trading platforms, stop-loss orders, etc. Bitcoin trade platforms are sites that let buyers and sellers to interact with one another. A crypto broker site will allow you to sell your Bitcoins directly, usually for higher rates. A marketplace like LocalBitcoins will allow sellers and buyers to communicate with each other directly for trades. An order book contains all the buy-and-sell orders and can be viewed on your trading platform. A stop-loss order allows you to set a particular price at which you will sell the Bitcoin in case prices go down suddenly. This can minimize your losses.
  • Finally, when trading Bitcoins you must not make the mistake of investing everything in a single asset. You must have a diversified portfolio with investments spread across many assets to minimize your risks of losses. You should only invest what you can afford to lose and not let emotions get the better of you while trading. Having a plan in place is imperative for a good trade and you must set clear stop-loss orders and profit goals. You must never leave the coins on exchanges as they are prone to hackers.

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